10 Steps to Becoming More Self-Disciplined

“Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. ~ Steve Pavlina

Being self employed simply means that you are the one that makes things happen in your business. Moreover, in many cases there is no one around to check to see that you have completed your task or to oversee how you are running your business. You are you own boss and you must be very self-disciplined if you want to succeed in business.

My Journey from Self- Discipline Employee to Self-Discipline Business Owner

As an employee I found myself to be very self disciplined. In fact, my boss seldom had to remind me of my responsibilities. Furthermore, I preferred my boss to explain to me up front what was expected of me and let me do my job.

That self discipline that I had, promoted me at work and my boss was very pleased that I performed my duties with very little supervision. It was self-discipline that motivated me to start my own business in 1998 and to leave a career behind.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but that self-discipline in me was a vital trait of the business leader in me.

Self-Discipline is Self-Control

Being self-disciplined is not always easy and you must work at it daily to assure that you accomplish your goals in business.  In the book, Developing the Leader Within you, John Maxwell wrote: “People who are not controlled have strong desires which try to seduce them from the way of reason; but to succeed, they must keep those desires from under control. I truly believe we can become disciplined and enjoy it.”

If you want to succeed in business it is vital that you practice self-discipline on a daily basis and develop a plan to assure that you are self-disciplined in all of your business endeavors.  One way to assure that you are self-disciplined is to evaluate yourself on a regular basis.

Here are 10 steps to becoming more self-disciplined:

  1. Write down  five areas in your life that lacks self discipline
  2. List the areas of concern in the order of priority for you to conquer them
  3. Evaluate each area of concern one at a time. Do not try to conquer them all at once
  4. Read books or magazines and listen to tapes that will give you inspiration to each area
  5. Ask a close friend or business colleague hat models the areas that you want to become self-discipline in to hold you accountable
  6. Plan to spend 15-20 before you start your day to get focused on your weak areas.
  7. Midday, check to see if your plan is working. Evaluate if you have been self-discipline and focused.
  8. Give yourself 60-days to work on each area and reward your accomplishment
  9. It is also a good idea to review your plans in the evenings too
  10. Celebrate with the person who holds you accountable as you see progress

I wish you much success on your self-employment journey. Most of all, I want to inspire you to develop the leader within, because that is where you will begin to  accomplish things that you never thought were possible and you will begin to walk in greatness!

It is essential to begin developing self-discipline in a small way today in order to be disciplined in a big way tomorrow. ~ John Maxwell

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