Determining Liability in Road Traffic Accident Claim

The most recent UK Government study released in June 2014 on road traffic accidents reveal that even as this trend continues to decrease after every year there are still 208,645 accidental deaths in auto accidents of which 24,417 got seriously injured.


So even as the figure is moving in the desire way, there is still substantial figure of people getting injuries from traffic accidents each year with about 520 critical injuries including deaths every week.

A road traffic accident

A traffic mishap is required by law to be reported and it is represented in law as an accident that includes a mechanically operated vehicle on a public road or other municipal area that gives rise to:

  • Injuries to a different person apart from the car driver.
  • Injuries or sufferings to any pets, not the animal in that car (the animal for example a pony, pig, sheep, dog or goat).
  • Physical harm to a vehicle excluding the vehicle that reasoned the accident.
  • Physical harm to any property that is the part of the area in way of the road.
  • When the unpleasant incident or mishap takes place in an open place, the law enforcement can inspect collisions happened other than public roads, for instance, a car collapse or accident in a parking area.

What makes settlement money become payable immediately?

In case, you have got injury in a road traffic accident wherever you have not any mistake then you might be titled to file an auto accident claim to recover settlement.

In case, you are someone along for the ride who has suffered injury in an automobile accident at that moment you have right to recover compensation no matter which person is in the wrong. You can, for that reason, start legal proceedings despite the fact that the driver of the car you are traveling in is in the wrong. It is, in certain cases, not fully valued by people, and in actual fact claims for personal injuries to travelers are normally free from ambiguity than a number of other types of car accident cases.

In a broad and common sense, with the intention of filing a claim for damages, it has to be demonstrated that a driver is in the wrong in a legal manner and has commit some kind of driving mistakes.

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The plaintiff has to then provide evidence for that the driver mistake has caused to happen their personal injuries. The legal terminology for this is act of causing something to happen. It is generally established from the police accident statement, eyewitness statements and health care reports from medical experts engaged in any type of health care treatment.

It is generally easily perceived who has reasoned the incident and in these cases there is normally no disagreement regarding liability. On the other hand, there will be conditions while it is not much clear or wherever the level of liability is not easy to determine. If it is the matter the usual method of determining liability is by traffic rules.

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