Who Knew Shopping in Delhi Could Be So Exciting. These Places Prove So

For over a few decades, Delhi has been inviting people, from not just India, but foreigners from every nook and corner of the world. There is a lot to do in the capital city, Delhi, from monuments visiting and dining in, to shopping and adventure touring. You name it and Delhi has it.

So, how about coming to Dilwalon ki Dilli, Delhi, and satiating your hearts out, shopping in every street of Delhi? A lot of tourists have been interested in delhi to collect things, which otherwise, they have to scrounge for, in the entire India. Delhi houses something from every state of India. So, sojourning in Delhi, is similar to sojourning in india, if you are running out of time and can not plan long vacations. With Dubai to New Delhi cheap flights available nowadays, a plethora of tourists have been interested in visiting Delhi. So, grab the next flight and fly here.

Here are two things, you must look out for, for the most memorable and enthralling shopping experience, as a newbie to the city, Delhi.

Dilli Haat, INA

Foreigners have been keenly interested in the Indian culture. Having a touch of the ancient village life, the Dilli Haat is an exquisite place, you must visit as a traveller. It will present you with a plethora of options, you can stuff your bags with. From traditional hand woven materials like handbags, wall hangings, hand-knitted stoles, antique pieces like mirrors, wall clocks and other home decor, to exquisite jewellery, accessories, tablecloths, rugs, mats, traditional footwear and clothes; you can buy anything and everything, all of which will give you the sneak peek of the rich heritage of ancient India. In the evenings there are special dance and music shows, which jazz up the entire aura of the place and give you a gala time to spend with your loved ones. The entire aura seems so lively and peppy, that one brims with utmost bliss and joy. If you want to have a taste of the Rajasthani culture, then there are special mehendi walas, which will beautify your palms from their expertise of the mehendi art, and leave your hands, with an aroma and design of the rich India.

Buy Cheap Books in Delhi

It would be such a cliche to say that capital city, Delhi is quite expensive for shopping and one can not help himself, from burning a hole in his pocket, after shopping here. Well, Delhi has something for everyone. If you are from outside India, then buying the creme de la creme of the classics and other novels and books at the price of Rs.100 a kg or Rs 200 a kg, will leave you taken aback! Yes, it is inevitably true! You can buy all kinds of books here, without shelling out hefty dollars or euros. Some of the markets selling cheap books are those in Darya Ganj, Kamla Nagar, Connaught Place, Janpath and Defence Colony. So, buy your most favourite novels, as much as you want to!

So, shop your hearts out in Delhi!