How to Make Your Online Store Appeal to More Shoppers

Selling products online might sound like an easy feat because you assume that you have access to millions of shoppers around the world. The problem is that those shoppers often use the same sites day in and day out and are hesitant to buy items from sites they never heard of or used before. The key to getting those shoppers to your site is something called search engine optimization or SEO. Once you have the right content on your page though, you need to how to keep those shoppers there and how to make them take a chance on you.

Make Your Page More SEO Friendly

SEO refers to the words and phrases that you use on a page. Some sites make the mistake of using the top search words/phrases of the week, even if those phrases do not relate to the given page. Whether you sell furniture, clothing or even car accessories, you need to use words that relate to what shoppers looking for those items will use. This will draw them to your page and make them want to buy. Make sure you avoid keyword stuffing though. Using too many words or phrases too many times can drop your page’s ranking.

Offer Secure Payment

After the security breaches experienced by Target and Walmart, customers are more leery of shopping online than ever before. They want to know that your site is secure and that you will protect their confidential information. Using online shopping carts that show them everything they added to their carts can help them feel more secure. You’ll also want to select a payment processor who uses firewalls and other forms of protection to keep credit cards, phone numbers and even home addresses safe.

Make Each Page Count

Making each page count is as easy as adding a list of similar products to the bottom of the page. If you sell toys for kids, you might include links and images of similar toys, books or even the batteries that those toys need. As prospective customers move between pages, they can get a look at some of the other items they can buy. Each page should also contain links back to other pages within the site. Including links to other category listings will help customers check out other products, and adding links to the home page or your shipping page lets them gain more information before they make a purchase.

Send Reminders

Once customers finish shopping, you can make them repeat customers through the use of small reminders. Send a quick note to the email on file to thank that shopper for his or her purchase. You can also send a coupon code or a digital coupon to the shopper that he or she can use on a future purchase. Reminders make those shoppers feel like you actually care about them. With reminders, secure shopping and other simple features, you can get more customers to buy from your site.