This Week in Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of great resources out there for the self-employed woman. Here are a few we gathered up for your reading enjoyment. Read, share and enjoy these smart and informative posts about self-employment, business and entrepreneurship.

Often we wait until everything is just perfect to talk about it. We don’t want to show it to people or market it. But, Pamela Slim says that’s a bad idea. It’s important that you start a buzz about your project or product months before you’re ready to launch. Read Why You Need to Begin Marketing Months Before Selling Anything to get the whole story.
Sometimes, the best business advice anyone can give you is to just breathe. With all the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves, it’s easy to lose focus. She Takes on the World has a great post this week about it with tips on how to get your focus back. Read Focus, Breathe and Grow Your Business for the details.
Success is really subjective thing. We all want it but we all measure it differently. It’s important to know what you consider successful so that you know when you’ve reached it. The Solopreneur Life has a recent post on the subject called What is the Definition of Success For You and Your Life? Read it and spend a little time thinking about what success means to you.